An Overview of the Quintessence Investment Decision Support Platform

I have written multiple articles showcasing the various functional features in Quintessence. That said, when people ask me to describe Quintessence in one line, I prefer to respond with a picture.

The diagram illustrates how Quintessence functionality is categorised into three facets: a Data middleware aspect, a Function middleware aspect and a Presentation aspect:


You can easily collect and store data from many sources, or simply ‘surface’ data as and when required

The Quintessence Data middleware facet consolidates the data across the organisation, be it from the back, middle or front office. Consequently, all data in the organisation is available to users and third party applications.

The tools facilitating data consolidation are categorised into three classes of functionality:


You can create and deploy functions for use by others with a variety of tools

The Functional middleware facet of Quintessence encompasses the toolkit to create and deploy custom functions that capture the intellectual property residing in your business processes. There are many tools that allow users to deploy such functions. Quintessence has been integrated with these toolkits:


You can retrieve, display and utilise your investment research data using your presentation tool of choice

The Quintessence Presentation facet encapsulates the tools that use the deployed functions and consolidated data to create reports and applications for end users:

So, in a nutshell, the Quintessence Investment Decision Support Platform:

  • Consolidates all data in the organisation.
  • Couples onto various third party IDEs to allow you to customise and dictate exactly how the platform models your investment and research process.
  • Exposes the data to multiple presentation tools, including Excel®, using a handful of dynamic data functions.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to learn about additional Quintessence features.

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The information you need, right on schedule


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