Information changes quickly, and you want the latest research as it becomes available

You are a fund manager who requires the updated in-house analyst research on a company that has just published its interim financials. Should you be responsible for knowing that the company has published its financials? Should you need to follow up with the assigned analyst to ensure that they have updated their forecasts on the relevant line items that are of interest to you?

In other words, when data needs collecting and storing, and reports need compiling, who ‘pushes the button’?

No one does, as there’s no need to. Any system that automates processes (and consequently increases efficiency and saves time) should allow you to create and schedule your own custom tasks. You can configure the  Quintessence Scheduler to determine what data to collect and when to collect it. The logic is encapsulated into tasks that are scheduled to run as required, whether nightly, weekly, monthly, or on an ad hoc basis.

The Quintessence Scheduler can model any process

With the Quintessence Scheduler, you can model simple and highly complex tasks. You can incorporate many different concepts and processes into the task configuration. Additionally, all eventualities are catered for using success and failure connectors.

Single Task2

In some instances, Quintessence clients have used the task scheduler to fetch data from a legacy platform, transform the data using the Quintessence language, and send the data to another legacy platform. In this scenario, the power of the Quintessence Scheduler is used to maintain legacy platforms.

The Quintessence Scheduler is fundamental to our ETL process

The Scheduler is fundamental to our Extract-Transform-Load process. The tasks collect disparate data from a variety of sources, and then transform and insert that data into our system. Reports and processes are generated periodically and on time. Therefore you always have the latest data at your fingertips.


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