It is inadequate to talk about Quintessence without mentioning our awesome implementation team. I have written multiple articles detailing the technical features of Quintessence. These articles have focused on abstract, technical and investment concepts. It is now time to focus on the important human aspect of Quintessence.

The fact is that Quintessence AND the Implementation Team comprise our product offering. In mathematical terms, one would say

\begin{aligned} \text{QUINTESSENCE} \land \text{IMPLEMENTATION TEAM} \iff \text{AWESOME PRODUCT} \end{aligned}

Many of our clients emphasize this in their feedback and testimonials:

“Quintessence is a beautifully designed, elegant, simple (yet very powerful) system, complemented by excellent, enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable support. …” – Dr Hendrik Theron @ RECM

“… The entire team are great to work with, with a real “can-do” attitude and I can’t recommend them more highly.” – Simone Blanckenberg @ Tantalum

The Implementation Team comprises Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Architects, Quantitative Analysts and Data Engineers. What is common among all the roles is their domain knowledge in financial services. All individuals share broad knowledge in research and investment processes spanning the front, middle and back-office. Many have been exposed to investment processes including but not limited to

  • Bottom-Up Fundamental Research Processes
  • Top-Down Sectorial Analysis Methodologies
  • Quantitative Processes
  • Quantamental Processes
  • ….

Some analysts and data engineers are, or are currently working towards CFA accreditation. Many are actively interested in global markets and the corresponding science behind it all. Some have spent their whole careers in financial services. This embodies a key characteristic of our implementation team. When a client calls and wants to say, chat about

  • calculating a Bond Portfolio’s Performance Attribution along the yield, duration (3rd,4th … derivative) curve …
  • how one attributes the analyst’s forecasted total return for a company across their Forward PE, Headline Earnings Per Share and Forecasted Dividend Estimates …
  • how one generates a model portfolio given a House View and Fund Mandate …
  • creating a Risk report given a company’s corporate risk structure…
  • developing a hierarchy structure for ESG data …
  • symbology ….
  • ….

our implementation team can respond by both understanding the problem statement and offering possible solutions to the challenge.

Attributes of the Implementation Team

All Quintessence Data Engineers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Technical Architects and Quantitative Analysts have university degrees with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, information systems, engineering and physics. As a business, when we add to the team , our interview process ensures that individuals share the same values as our business:

Quintessence values

The first interview is focused on ensuring that one is willing to learn, grow and innovate. This takes the form of a test that has nothing to do with what the individual studied or has experience in. In particular, an hour is set aside to teach the interviewee some concepts. They are then tested on what was taught. The remaining interviews focus on ensuring that the person is kind and professional.

This ensures that the team form the backbone of our service offering. As a business, we continue investing in the growth of the individuals that make up the company, thus ensuring that our overall product offering continues to remain awesome.

Feel free to contact me for more information regarding our people, our knowledge and our values!

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