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The challenge of Power BI

Many of our clients want to use Power BI for their reports, but the data that it requires to produce those reports are not readily available or easily accessible.

Often times, the data exists in disparate systems, excel spreadsheets, csv files, or the lke which makes it very difficult to leverage the power of Power BI.
Quintessence integrates your data with Power BI in one-click.


With Quintessence implemented at our clients, we enable the following:

Investment Data Modeling

Robust data model that makes it easy to store and retrieve data on: entities, relationships between entities, their symbology and metadata.

Data Source Integration

Seamless connections to all investment data sources in a way that maintains data integrity regardless of the technology that makes it available.

Customised Reporting

Because all the data is now accessible from one place, all data can be surfaced through a handful functions through an intuitive query language.

One-click integration

Quintessence creates an XML data connection file which, when used in Power BI, gives it integrated access to our clients entire universe of data.

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